September update

We enjoyed our time at mission training the end of July thru the first of August. We learned a lot and made a lot of new friends we now consider to be family through the World Baptist Fellowship.

We have presented in August at 2 churches and have been blessed so far by the experience. We hope to start filling our calendar soon with more churches to share our ministry burden. We got our new prayer cards in to start passing out too.

We did a Small mission trip to the camp/ranch in Mexico during the Labor Day weekend. We left Thursday at 9pm and Lord willing we are getting home today about 8pm.

We combined with some ladies from Temple Baptist Church and our daughter and son-in-law was able to go too. The women made and canned apple butter and the men did a few projects around the camp. It was a short trip but got a lot accomplished. I had fun practicing a few Spanish words with a few of the National pastors and their wives while we peeled apples. I enjoyed making new friends this trip. I also enjoyed showing our daughter our love for Mexico and future home (we may not know what we will be living in yet by God does).
Thanks for  the prayers.
I heard something during the trip that I want to leave you with:

Live for the applause of the nail scarred hands. 


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