Fall Update

We are so thankful to the Lord for presenting us with opportunities to share our ministry burden. We had appointments all thru November. It’s the first time our calendar had been that full and what an exciting feeling. And what a busy month it was traveling from Missouri to Paris Texas to Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia. We saw beautiful sights and made lots of new friends along the way.

I realized today that I have only been posting about our visits on our facebook page and not as updates on here. So, I hope you are following us on our 5 Talents facebook page too.

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We are praising God that we are at about 35% of our monthly support and haven’t been on deputation that long. God is good!

Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Marty and Michelle

November update

We are on the road again. Praise the Lord for presenting us with opportunities to share our ministry burden. We have appointments all thru November. It’s the first time our calendar has been this full and what an exciting feeling. 

We are currently on the road in Missouri and head to North Carolina in a week for medical missionary training. God has blessed us with meetings and opportunities to present along our trails. We have been blessed by meeting so many of God’s servants at each of our stops. 

We’ve recently been able to present our ministry in Aurora Texas to Aurora Baptist church and in Grove Oklahoma to Bible Baptist Church. We’ve had 3 meetings with pastors in Missouri and get to present our ministry this coming Sunday at Majesty Baptist in Lees Summit. 

We are thankful for getting to visit and stay with Marty’s extended family on this leg of our travels. 

God has blessed us in our travels this fall by seeing His beautiful creation. The leaves changing have been gorgeous. We are thanking Him that he has sent us   North at this time of year and get to see the beauty. He could have arranged us to go anywhere or Missouri at another time but we are here at the most beautiful time of year. 

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Thanks for the prayers and continue to pray for us on deputation. 

God bless, Marty & Michelle

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”  Ephesians 2:10 KJV


Mid-October Update

God is so good to us. I don’t know why I get surprised when God blesses us or answers certain prayers. He is a loving father and just as I like to surprise or treat my daughter well, my God is a perfect parent and knows what we need and want.

We had an amazing time at the Fall  meeting of the World Baptist fellowship. We loved getting to see our mission family again. We were able to meet more members of our family too and making new memories. We were also able to book some new appointments with churches (praise the Lord). First Baptist Church of Canton Michigan hosted it and was so gracious to us. The food they provided was so good too. SouthPointe Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida mailed a lot of goodies too for the missionaries and would like to thank their members as well. It may not excite you but I got some large baking pans I can use at the camp in Mexico 😊.

We also got to finally meet the ones that started the camp in Mexico all those years ago (Roman and Betty Alvarez and Marty and Jesse Starling). We had a good time visiting with these special servants. God answered a prayer and worked out our housing arrangements for when we move to Mexico and we are so thankful to Pastor and Mrs Alvarez for that blessing.

We heard great sermons those 3 days and were challenged in so many ways. I’ve been challenged not to pray for safety but to pray for boldness like the early disciples and Paul.

As I was able to view some of God’s amazing, beautiful, powerful creation this week, it brings to mind how beautiful the garden of Eden must have been and how amazingly glorious heaven will be!

Thanks for the prayers and continue to pray for us on deputation.

God bless, Michelle

October update

We had a great week at the mission conference in Chickasha Oklahoma at Maranatha Baptist Church. Such a sweet church with a giant heart for missions. We felt so at home there. It was our first mission conference to ever attend and we had a wonderful time. And what good cooks too!  We heard great preaching from Joey Bacon (mission director of WBF) and enjoyed getting to know fellow missionary Todd DeWitt.  

We had a praise this week too having new church support show up on our month end report from the mission office. What a surprise and blessing. God is good!

Please continue to pray for us as we are on deputation trying to schedule churches to share our ministry/burden and for traveling/safety. We did hit a deer leaving an evening service in Oklahoma (on my birthday) but no one was hurt and the the deer was gone when we turned around. Car had to have some body work but wasn’t too bad. 

God is good all the time.  CE0506C0-6808-4AC5-B8E5-D1A5AD4942B9

September update

We enjoyed our time at mission training the end of July thru the first of August. We learned a lot and made a lot of new friends we now consider to be family through the World Baptist Fellowship.

We have presented in August at 2 churches and have been blessed so far by the experience. We hope to start filling our calendar soon with more churches to share our ministry burden. We got our new prayer cards in to start passing out too.

We did a Small mission trip to the camp/ranch in Mexico during the Labor Day weekend. We left Thursday at 9pm and Lord willing we are getting home today about 8pm.

We combined with some ladies from Temple Baptist Church and our daughter and son-in-law was able to go too. The women made and canned apple butter and the men did a few projects around the camp. It was a short trip but got a lot accomplished. I had fun practicing a few Spanish words with a few of the National pastors and their wives while we peeled apples. I enjoyed making new friends this trip. I also enjoyed showing our daughter our love for Mexico and future home (we may not know what we will be living in yet by God does).
Thanks for  the prayers.
I heard something during the trip that I want to leave you with:

Live for the applause of the nail scarred hands. 


Busy summer

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 KJV

God is so good to us. His grace is never-ending.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a busy summer. I’m Still packing up and sorting our belongings. I’ve collected a lot of stuff (junk) in our 28 years of marriage and we’ve lived in the same house 20+years. I’ve had a couple garage sales and waiting for it to cool off to have the final big sale. We did get our camper sold and some big furniture items gone. And I’m in the process of trying to remodel our house so we can rent it. It’s been a lot of work and I’m definitely working harder at home than when I had a “real” job (one that I had to leave the house). 

Things have come together for our ministry presentation- Our mission video is finished and prayer cards available. We presented our ministry once at our friends church this summer (they currently don’t support any missionaries but we hope after our presentation that they will decide to start supporting them). It was a great experience that Sunday. 

We are attending missionary training for a week and will end with a few days where we get to hang out with other missionaries. Then we should be ready to start full time deputation. So excited to see how God will continue to use us. I love getting to see Marty preach (it’s just amazing to see what God has already done). Marty has been able to preach a couple Wednesday nights at our church when our pastors have been gone to church camp with the kids.  

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry. I know God has already prepared the way and even chosen the ones that He will have support our ministry, we just have to be faithful to obey and go. 

“And they said, The Lord hath need of him.”  Luke 19:34 KJV


May Update

I’m a little behind on my updates.  Been a busy couple of months.  The mission trip went great during Spring Break 2018.  Victory Baptist churches from Paris and Seagoville went to the Camp at Huachichil Mexico and we had several first time mission trippers. We made some great friends and had an awesome trip.  It was great seeing hearts changed for missions but more importantly one from our group got saved on the trip!

My last day employed as a nurse practitioner at the family practice clinic was March 29 and since then I have been boxing up and sorting thru stuff at our home of 20+ years.  It’s been a big job to get done.  Marty has sold his truck and we are waiting to find the right one that does not weigh too much to be able to cross the border in Mexico.  Our camper is still for sale but I keep telling Marty that God is going to allow me to use it one more time for my favorite time of the year at the lake during Memorial Day.  Our church has so many activities during that weekend and we usually camp for over a week during that time and it’s my favorite time at the lake getting to visit with my church family.

We were able to go to the Hilltop Missions Conference April 22-25, 2018 and met with the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency board on that Monday and was announced on that Wednesday as new missionaries thru their STEP program! Short Term Evangelism Program (STEPis a program that will sanction believers as Short Term Missionary Helpers allowing them to raise support, get proper orientation, and be united on the field with a host missionary.  And if that Wednesday wasn’t exciting enough, Marty also got to preach at our home church that night!  He did an awesome job and I couldn’t be prouder of him.  It is exciting to see God use him.

We finished our missions video that we will use on deputation to the churches.  We got our prayer cards in too.  And during the mission trip our pastor and his wife bought us some awesome items to use on our missions table.  It is all coming together.

May the 9th was our last service in with our youth.  I may have cried a couple times.  We had been back there with them for probably 8 years.  They got us a nice plaque and a cake.  We will miss being back there with them but it is time to start focusing on our next journey.  At least we still plan to go to camp with them in June.

We have both completed 5 courses from Arlington Baptist University (ABU) thru their RLI (Real Life Institute) distance education program and received our certificates of completion May 12, 2018 at the ABU graduation ceremony.  While there we were also able to see our pastor graduate with his Master’s degree.  It was a great day.

Please continue to pray for us.  The next step is to go thru the mission board training in July and start booking churches for our deputation to raise support for Mexico.

God is so good to us!