It is TIME!

I have uploaded our newsletters as we send them out but realized I haven’t posted an actual update on this page.

So here it goes. We were packed and ready to leave for Mexico last March 2020 when covid hit. Marty had his ordination ceremony and our sending out service from our church the first of March and the only thing we were waiting on was his passport renewal to come in the mail. So here we wait on the Lord this past year.

2021 it is TIME! Marty has been in Mexico since March 12, 2021. He drove down and was able to get 6 month visa for himself and our vehicle. He got a lot of work done on vehicles around the camp and was able to start working on our house. Our missionary Mike drove down with him and was there for 2 weeks before he had to return to the states. So Marty has been by himself for the past 2 weeks.

I (Michelle) flew and arrived Wednesday (4/7/21) afternoon in Mexico. It is surreal to finally be here where God showed us several years ago. I look out the window and can’t believe it’s real.

Marty got so much work done on our house that we were able to sleep and shower in it my first night home. We still need to cook and make coffee at the main house but it’s awesome to already be able to set up a home.

We had church Thursday evening (they do Thursdays here) and I made some new friends and met the ones Marty knows. He made a lot of friends Easter at the sunrise service here (he had to jump start several cars at the end of the service and already has the title of “gran mecanico”).

I’ve been invited to women’s Bible study this afternoon. Marty gets to preach for Heirberto in Saltillo in 2 weeks. I’m so excited to have this opportunity God has given us here in Mexico. What a great adventure it is going to be. When God called us here I didn’t think we would be here alone but God is using this time to have us lean on Him more and not on our own abilities (since our Spanish is not developed -yet). I am grateful to be able to make my own relationships and see what Ministries God presents for us.

And I know we are not alone & that we have people praying and HE is always with us, HE goes with us, HE is sovereign and HE knew it would be this way.

I am So excited to see God working already. Thanks so much for praying 🙏🏼. God is good!

View from my porch.

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