“That your joy may be full”

Have you ever thought about the fact that God wants us to have JOY. Everlasting life starts now at the time of your salvation with Jesus. You don’t have to wait till heaven to experience everlasting life. However, You do have to have Jesus in you to have this type of joy. I’m not saying you won’t face trials and temptations but as a follower of Christ we are not alone.

We had an awesome morning at Countryside Fellowship in Decatur, Texas. We showed up early for Sunday school and got to hear the praise team practice. That was great 😊 and got us pumped for the rest of the day. We really enjoyed being able to worship the Lord with them. We just want to thank pastor Mark Webb for allowing us to come present our ministry. And special thanks to Curt and Julie for the fellowship at lunch. What an awesome couple.

The next half of our day was equally as good. We spent the afternoon in Wichita Falls at Dustin and Heather Culver’s home (from Anchor Baptist Church) with their discipleship groups. We really enjoyed doing life, eating good food, and talking about the Lord.

Thank y’all again for the blessings.

This whole day from beginning to end has brought joy to our hearts.

God truly is too good to us.

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