Mid-October Update

God is so good to us. I don’t know why I get surprised when God blesses us or answers certain prayers. He is a loving father and just as I like to surprise or treat my daughter well, my God is a perfect parent and knows what we need and want.

We had an amazing time at the Fall  meeting of the World Baptist fellowship. We loved getting to see our mission family again. We were able to meet more members of our family too and making new memories. We were also able to book some new appointments with churches (praise the Lord). First Baptist Church of Canton Michigan hosted it and was so gracious to us. The food they provided was so good too. SouthPointe Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida mailed a lot of goodies too for the missionaries and would like to thank their members as well. It may not excite you but I got some large baking pans I can use at the camp in Mexico 😊.

We also got to finally meet the ones that started the camp in Mexico all those years ago (Roman and Betty Alvarez and Marty and Jesse Starling). We had a good time visiting with these special servants. God answered a prayer and worked out our housing arrangements for when we move to Mexico and we are so thankful to Pastor and Mrs Alvarez for that blessing.

We heard great sermons those 3 days and were challenged in so many ways. I’ve been challenged not to pray for safety but to pray for boldness like the early disciples and Paul.

As I was able to view some of God’s amazing, beautiful, powerful creation this week, it brings to mind how beautiful the garden of Eden must have been and how amazingly glorious heaven will be!

Thanks for the prayers and continue to pray for us on deputation.

God bless, Michelle

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